Rona cargo is an irresponsible money makijng cheap firm

Can someone please help us to get our Stuff which was sent from Dubai to Bangalore from RONA CARGO, We are so unlucky we chose RONA CARGO, Most of the Items were for our kids and lot of memorable items and documents are all held by RONA CARGO, inspite of paying huge amounts no body is bothered to assist us, How can RONA CARGO do this to us what is our fault, our fault is only that we trusted RONA CARGO, it is really frustrating to wait for more than 3 months inspite of paying premium rate for air cargo. Are there no responsible people to return our stuff, how long how long we need to keep waiting. Can someone tell us what we need to do, Where can we go to get our stuff back, how long we need to wait, can someone give us time limit, Is there any other way, please please please RONA CARGO HELP!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!

Submitted by Work on Monday, Jun 17, 2019

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