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Jersey City is located in northeastern

New Jersey, Hudson. It overlooks Hudson River at the point where it intersects

with the Upper New York Bay. Neighboring areas include Liberty Park,

Bergen-Lafayette, Downtown, The Heights, Lincoln Park, Journal Square, The

Waterfront, McGinley Square, Hackensack Riverfront, Greenville, and West Side.

New Jersey City has a population of

251,717 living in 96,239 households. It is a melting pot of cultures and races

as most ethnic groups are represented. It also has one of the fastest

population growth rates in the USA.

Jersey City has a vibrant economy that

has created over 100,000 jobs. These jobs are in the financial, services,

shipping and distribution, and wholesale and retail sectors. It’s one of the

busiest and richest cities in the United States.

The port city is a scene of vibrant

activity. It features a container terminal at the Upper New York Bay. 2016 saw

the arrival of what was then thought to be the biggest vessel to dock at the

port, the MOL Benefactor after the Panama Canal was widened. However, in July

2017, the largest ship ever to call on the port, the CMA CGM Theodore

Roosevelt, docked at the port city. The Bayonne Bridge had to be raised to

allow it to pass.

This was a remarkable milestone and

heralded a new dispensation of container capacity. Perhaps these two events may

have led to the 5.5% increase in cargo volumes in 2017.

The unemployment rate in New Jersey is

5%. This compares fairly with other cities in the United States.

Jersey Port City is a hub for the

international flights and acts as a gateway to the nation. It features two FTZs

(foreign trade zones).

As a result, the port has attracted a

host of freight forwarders who continue to create jobs for the residents of New

Jersey and surrounding areas.

The Port Authority terminals

The port has a number of airport

terminals that carry people and cargo in and out of New Jersey, making it one

of the busiest transport hubs in the USA. These include the JFK Airport, Newark

Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Stewart Airport. Combined, these terminals

handle most of the cargo and human traffic in the USA.

These airports are interconnected via

a vast distribution and logistics system that makes New Jersey cargo terminal

port-airport one of the busiest freight forwarders in the world. Combined,

there are 3,500 flights, both domestic and international, flying daily from JFK

and Newark Liberty International Airports, and from LaGuardia Airport. Moving

cargo from any of these airports is therefore very fast and convenient. Any

freight forwarder would smile at the infrastructure provided by this port.

These airlines provide direct flights

to over one-hundred international destinations. Due to the many transport

options availed by the port, it is a gateway to important global markets that

also offer a wide range of spacious passenger aircraft. Combine this with an

array of domestic transport services across the United States and you have a

dream transport hub.

LaGuardia Airport is one of the

busiest airports in the world. It processed 29.7 million passengers in 2017,

which was a 4.7% jump from the previous year. Among the many airlines that

operate from LaGuardia Airport include JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, Delta

Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and American Airlines.

The cargo volumes handled by these

terminals are huge by any standards. JFK Airport alone handles over 1.4 million

tons of flight cargo every year. It also features 4 million square feet of

warehousing and storage spaces.

Newark International Airport boasts

cargo storage space of at least one million square feet. Besides, thirty-three

million passengers use its services every year.

Stewart Airport was started not long

ago to expand the Port Authority’s capacity. It has already started witnessing

robust business with passenger volumes last year reaching 400,000. The new

airport has boosted the economy of Hudson Valley with the creation of close to

3000 jobs.

Road and rail network

The port is also served by an

elaborate and sophisticated road and rail transport network that provides easy

access to nearby airports. This network of rail transport and highways connect

virtually every major city in North America, extending the port’s potential by

close to twenty million passengers.



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New Jersey - USA Cargo Terminal Port – Airport

New Jersey is located in the Northeastern part of the United States on Atlantic Ocean waters. It is populated by about nine million New Jerseyan residents ranging is race, ethnicity, and education levels. The highest percentage of residents considers a language other than English as their Native and speaks that language at home.

New Jersey is one of the top ten U.S. states earned income per household. Last year the state was ranked among the top five. New Jersey is considered a thriving economy. Agriculture is New Jersey’s top economy but there is economic growth in other sectors. The economic growth percentage has gone up every year for over ten years now. It is a low increasing percentage, but it outlines a steady economic growth.

Part of what has aided and boosted this economic growth are cargo terminal ports and airports and their use in freight forwarder services. New Jersey, though relatively a small state in size, supports a lot of traffic. The traffic of millions of people, cars, boats, and other goods included.

The USA Cargo Terminal Port imports and exports tons of products per year. The products range from foods to home goods. It is safe to say there is bit of everything being important and exported to and from cargo terminal ports like those in New Jersey, USA. Thousands of goods are moved through airports and cargo port terminals in containers that are numbered in the millions per year. Much of this movement is thanks to freight forwarding organizations.

Millions of more products from all over the world can be imported and exported through airports and terminals of all over the world. Cargo terminals in Barcelona, Paris and anywhere else in the world that freight forwarding services will expand. What is being noticed that they continue to expand, sending more and more products, into more and more areas.

There is enormous capacity, through the combined number of airports and cargo terminal ports in the world, to increase the number of shipped containers per year. Existing freight forwarders make the transitions required to move most of the containers moved per year today. New coming freight forwarders, like the ones leading the economic growth in New Jersey, can tap into the maximum capacity of the business. We are seeing and projecting more growth for all industries related to freight forwarding. This translates into an additional increase in all of the economies involved. That renders benefits to the freight forwarder or freight forwarding companies, to customers from all over the world, to entrepreneurs that rely on e-commerce and entrepreneurs of all kinds can benefit a well. Not to mention the benefits rendered to cargo port terminals in New Jersey, airports in LA and terminals in Barcelona.

It is really quite simple. Whatever growth one freight forwarder can bring to his states and personal economy can by working with a couple terminals, cargo ports, airports can easily be doubled, or tripled, or easily multiplied by one hundred. Creating need for more airports, cargo port terminals, and freight forwarders. Once the need arrives it will be fulfilled and so on and the economy expands for these and other industries that relate to them. There are benefits and opportunity for all in a growing economy.

New Jersey is a small state compared to Catalonia. The number of airports, cargo ports, and terminals in New Jersey is far less than the number of airports, cargo ports, and terminals in Barcelona. Not to mention terminals in Italy, Turkey and one thousand others can be named. If New Jersey as a small test area can show profitability and growth in all these industries, other states, cities, and countries, especially larger countries, can follow suit. That is for those that have not been benefiting from these industries already.

The production of every type of goods, particularly consumer products, has increased at an unbelieve rate in the last few years. This rate blew all projections out of the water. The production of goods will only continue to grow. Most of those goods come from Europe, particularly China and go to the U.S.A. market. The production of goods continues to increase by consumer requests and because of the ingenuity of entrepreneurs. They create new brands and businesses for consumers the drive the demand.

If all the economies related, especially that of freight forwarder, continue to grow this way, there will be need for even more, often creating new economy types. That is something to look forward to. It is a sign of freedom, progress, and connection when the world can come together in benefit to all that live in it.

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