How to confirm the email address.

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It is mandatory, confirm your email address for every service we provide, as many times you will use it.

Why confirm every time the email address?

We want to avoid two things:

  • Spam emails. There are many robots that spam on the internet to directories or websites promoting products or services not related to the ones we provide.
  • Errors in email filling. It is possible you write on the form a wrong email address. 

How to confirm.

  1. Go to your mailbox. You will have in your inbox, one email with the subject : [ACTION REQUIRED] Confirm your (Quote/Email/Registration) Request.
  2. Open it, then click on the blue button:  
  3. You will be re-directed to the success page, and just right after that, you will receive another email confirming your inquiry has been processed.

After these 3 steps, we will start to work on your inquiry.

SPAM folder

Do not forget to check the SPAM EMAIL FOLDER!

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