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Submitted by N/A on 05/23/2022

I can't say anything positive about them

Overall Rating

I can't say anything about their service, but this company "advertises" by spamming websites with endless crap posts.

I found them on the International Writing site, Writers Cafe. There, hopeful writers post their work. But Jctrans, under that name, has posted 61 spam advertisements, listed as "stories" on the site. Writers Cafe permits, and sells advertising, but these people literally dump their crap on the site as if they were members posting writing samples, disrupting it.

Today, alone, there were ten such spams, But I doubt that there is one member of the site who works in a capacity where they might want to use the company's services. But obviously, they don't care. With ethics like that I certainly wouldn't use, or, recommend them, or one of the group they represent.

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