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Ata Carnet

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Ata Carnet definition

An ATA Carnet is a temporary document for use during importation and exportation of goods. Freight forwarders need this document when seeking clearance from customs authorities before dispatching cargo to various locations. It is recognized in 86 countries allover the world. It can help you to avoid paying extra taxes on good that are set for re-exportation. However, it happens only to cargo that will be shipped out in less than 12 months. In a nutshell, carnets act as passports for merchandise. They ease temporary imports into other countries and re-importation into the United States.

There are two main types of carnets. In the United States, you either will have an ATA Carnet, or a TECRO/AIT carnet. The main difference is that while the latter is only applies in a few countries such as Taiwan, the former is acceptable in more countries. So, if you are a freight forwarder seeking to expand your services to Asia, South America, Australia, or South Africa, you should be thinking of getting ATA carnets. The best part is that you can always get these documents whenever you request them. As long as you have completed they with the required information, you are good to go. It also is important to know the territories that are members of this system.

What you can do with carnets

Almost every type of goods and equipment can be shipped under ATA Carnets. Whether your company specializes in professional equipment or goods for fairs and exhibitions, you can ship them using carnets. Some of them may be subject to time limitations such as six months depending on the type of your business. If you are seeking business opportunities abroad, you can use this document to transport commercial samples. This ensures that when it is tome to bring back your samples, you do not have to pay taxes again. You also need to know about the products that you cannot ship with carnets. These include agricultural products such as pesticides, seeds, fertilizers, and food. You also cannot apply ATA carnets on disposable products, postal traffic, and explosives.

The validity of a carnet varies depending on the products on which you want to apply it. Usually, it is valid for twelve months. However, special products such as fairs and exhibitions are limited to six months. There also are special destinations that may have exceptions on the validity. For instance, when shipping products to Mexico, Malaysia, Korea, and Singapore, you will be eligible for different validity periods. It is important to note that the right the right to limit the validity period is reserved for a US or foreign customs official. They can limit your period after inspecting your business and goods. The limitations are however very rare, and only happen during unusual circumstances.

How to get an ATA Carnet

Nowadays, the application, processing, and deliver of carnets can all be done in one day. However, this only happens if you finish the application by 4 p.m Central Time. To enjoy same day services, you may have to pay an additional fee. There are four steps that you have to go through before getting this document. First, you should provide all the information on the application checklist. This refers to your personal as well as business details. You then should proceed to register for an online account. The third step is to submit the carnet and bond application through your online account. Complete the application by providing a payment method that allow for overnight delivery.

freight ata carnet

The benefits of using ATA Carnet

With this document, you have the chance to streamline your shipment business. The fact that you can use them in many locations and on many products means that you will not have to waste time applying for it again. Since it waives taxes in same situations, you can count on it to reduce your expenditure and help you to earn more from your business. You, however, should know how to avoid violating the terms of use.

Every cargo handling company needs an ATA carnet. Whether you are an established importer or a beginning exporter, you need a document that boost your performance. It is one of the documents that can help you to surpass your customer's expectations and grow your business.

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