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Where Do New Freight Forwarder Find Customers?

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If you are a new freight forwarder, one of the challenges that you face is how to find new customers. 

For a newbie, it can be difficult to convince people to hire you. 

Here are some of the tricks you can use to attract your first clients.

10 tips for a new freight forwarder to find new customers

1. Write and distribute a press release

Announce the arrival of your new company by writing a press release and distributing it to the leading media companies. 

Media outlets are always hungry for news and so, you can be sure that they will be eager to let their readers and followers know that there is a new freight forwarding company in town.

2. Ask people to review your services 

Reviewers often play an important part in publicizing new products and services. If you search online, you will find out that there are websites that focus solely on reviewing freight forwarding companies. If you can get them to publish a positive review of your company, you will get a lot of inquiries and so, there will be lots of potential customers.

3. Run promotions and special offers

During the launch of your new freight forwarding company, you may choose to have a promotion as well as special offers. For instance, you may decide to offer a reduced price to the first 50 customers. If you do this, you can be sure that they will want to come back next time they need to ship cargo.

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4. Post in a freight forwarder directory

Although many freight forwarders overlook the importance of posting in directories, studies have always shown that it is a sure way of finding new customers. These directories have millions of visitors every month. If you post useful articles, these visitors will be inclined to click through to your site and learn more.

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5. Social media

At any given instance, there are billions of people active on various social media platforms. These are people who are looking for a wide variety of things. You can easily find those who are interested in freight forwarding by starting a page that specifically targets them. Post information that interests them and they will contact you whenever they need such services.


6. Blog about your business

A blog is a perfect platform to engage potential customers on important issues. You can use it to let them know how they will benefit if they choose to use your services. You can run the blog separately or as part of your main website. Whatever you choose, make sure that you post regularly and that there are many people reading your posts. You should also link it to your social media pages.

Viral Videos, Tutorials, Forums, and Linking.

7. Offer a free freight forwarding tutorial 

The main reason why you should offer a free tutorial is so that you can establish yourself as an expert freight forwarder. Teach people about a few things that they did not know. Once they find out that you are knowledgeable, they will be comfortable trusting you with their cargo and everything that is related to forwarding.

8. Viral videos

Most people who watch videos on YouTube and other platforms want to share them if they like them. If you make videos about your company and make them viral, you can expect, as new freight forwarder a lot of traffic to your website and that is how you find lots of customers.

9. Join online forums

Contributing to online forums is another sure way to attract new customers. If you look at some of the topics, you will notice that there are some problems that people need to be addressed. If you can offer insightful information and punt them towards your business, they will hire you.

10. Link your business with the reputable ones 

Who do you associate with? In your quest to be a popular freight forwarder, you should not just associate your business with any company that you come across. Some of these companies have disputes with customers and if you keep tagging yourself to them, they will only bring you down.

To be assured of a steady flow of leads and customers, a freight forwarder should find a way of doing things uniquely. Set yourself from the rest by being the best.

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