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Just like any other online business owner, a freight forwarder has to ensure that they maintain a good reputation among the online management. 

People will always judge your company based on what they see on the websites and therefore, you have to be careful.

9 ways through which you can maintain a good online reputation

1. Use software to know when your website is mentioned

A freight forwarder does not have to spend all day going through websites where their brand name is likely to be mentioned. Instead of that, you can easily use software to get alerts whenever someone mentions your brand. 

This way, you can rush fast and see what the discussion is about. Google Alerts is a free software can help you with that.

2. Respond fast to negative reviews

If there is anyone who has posted a negative review about you; do not let it stay for long before responding to it. 

That awkward period of silence can lead to a lot of speculation which might cause even more harm.

Respond fast to reduce the damage.   Freight Forwarder Directory REviews

3. Be professional when responding to criticism

No matter how unfairly or negatively someone posts about your freight forwarding business; do not get swallowed by it. 

Things such as exchanging nasty words with your clients will do more harm than good. 

Just focus on addressing the issue that has been raised.

4. Let your customers know when a problem will be solved

Things will not always be smooth for you. 

For instance, there are times when technical situations can cause a hitch and so, service delivery will be stopped. 

Simply explain to your online customers what the situation is about and when they can expect it to be solved.

5. Follow up to know if a problem has been solved

As a freight forwarder, once you fix a problem that has been causing an uproar among your online clients, do not leave it at that. 

Contact them after some time just to find out is their problem was fully solved if there are any other arising matters. 

This gives them the feeling that you care about them.

6. Always engage your online customers in their problems

Even when they have not raised a problem with your services, it always is good to go first and ask them if there is anything they think is not working well.

7. Do not alienate customers who negatively review your Freight business

No matter how much they hurt you might still need them in the future.

8. Set up a blog to engage your customers

Blogging can give you a platform to understand your customers more and let them know more about your freight forwarding business.

9. Work closely with other companies to fix problems

You are not in this business alone. Find out how other freight forwarders are faring on and come up with a perfect way to protect your reputation. Remember that if you do not work on protecting your online reputation as a freight forwarder, you will have no option but to watch helplessly as your business goes down. It is worse when you consider the competition.


Avoid or Ignore mistakes only get a bad reputation. 

Consider any mistake or criticism as an opportunity to improve your service, to improve your reputation.

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