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9 Ways Get More Visibility Online

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The importance of the online presence

As a freight forwarder, one of the best ways to get more customers is by establishing an online presence. A majority of prospective clients, in this century, are searching for information online and so, you need to tap into this traffic.

9 ways through a freight forwarder can increase the online visibility.

Here are 9 ways through which you can increase your online visibility.

1. Optimize your website

You should start by ensuring that your site can be found through all the major search engines. Most people who are looking for information about freight forwarding will probably be searching using the search engines and so, you should ensure that they find you there.

2. Start a blog

A blog is an easy way to engage your customers by sharing information about your business. It allows you to talk about anything starting from the formal to the informal talk. Once your customers are glued to your blog, they will be likely to buy your services.  

3. Post in other companies’ websites

A freight forwarder should be good at networking if they aim at success. Find other companies offering similar services and offer to post articles on their websites. You can also submit to article directories where they will be seen by millions of readers.

4. Leverage on social media

If your freight forwarding business is not on social media, you do not know what you are missing. There are billions of people active on social media t every given moment. There is the likelihood that a huge percentage of them could be interested in forwarding services. You must open one social account at least in one of the most famous social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.

5. Use YouTube videos

The trends are changing and at the moment, videos are selling like nothing else online. With YouTube, you can post videos that explain your services and showcase why you are the best in this industry. Before you realize it, everyone will be viewing your videos and that is how you get more customers.

6. Be active in forums and discussions

Search online for forums where members are talking about freight forwarding. Join the discussion and give them your expert opinions. At the same time, you can use the opportunity to tell them about your business and leave a link to your website.

7. Make your website mobile friendly

People no longer rely on desktop computers or laptops alone to search for information online. Statistics show that many people are doing so on the go. They use their smartphones or tablets to search the internet. Make your site mobile friendly so that they can find you.

8. List your services in major directories

The number of directories that list services including that of freight forwarder is almost endless. Find the best among them and list your business. Forwarder Directory. Free directory.[/caption]

9. Ask your customers to review your services

People will trust your customers to tell them about your business. If you can get them to post several positive reviews, you can be sure that more customers will be headed your way. 

Conclusion, and humble advice

To be visible online, you have to be active. You cannot go offline on all your accounts and expect people to still follow you. Give your readers some fresh content and respond to their questions fast. You can use the app on mobile phones and in your free time (while you have breakfast, having a coffee, in public transport..) use them to contact prospect customers or publish or answer the inquiries of social media.

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