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9 Practices Freight Forwarders Must Follow to Rank Google Search

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Running a successful business in the 21st Century is different from any other era in the history of humanity. Today, a business owner has to grapple with wide-ranging issues to ensure a smooth growth of their business. These issues include the following: Effect of globalization Revolution of IT Security Managing over borders

Google and Freight Forwarders

Entrepreneurs who run freight forwarding companies understand these factors too well. The fact that Google is impossible to ignore today has complicated matters further. One needs to be on top of the freight forwarder search on Google search results. Ranking and staying on the first page of Google search results is all about maximizing online visibility. Online visibility is a crucial component of any modern marketing campaign, and it starts with favorable Google search ranking. Achieving favorable ranking is just as important as everything else you do to keep your freight forwarding business afloat. Just as it’s the case offline, customers constantly look for a better service provider, improved services, and great deals.

Secrets to succeed

The good news is that you can rank top in the freight forwarder search results. In fact, you can make this permanent instead of a one-off effect. The secret lies in understanding the factors that guarantee your success as a top freight forwarder, which includes: being knowledgeable and friendly running a flexible operation being truthful and honest in all the services offered competitive pricing

Good practices to rank number 1

The good practices you must adhere to if you’re to achieve this goal are as follows:

Domain Authority

It’s impossible to claim domain authority for a website that you’re yet to optimize. Your site will rank well organically depending on how long it has stayed online. Google understands that a website that’s been alive for several years is legitimate and credible. Therefore, take time building your website patiently, especially if you’re interested in growing it organically. Otherwise, search engine results would be replete with spammers who succeed to pollute organic results using their multiple temporary results.

Link Popularity

Google ranks websites based on the popularity of links. A popular link is authoritative and relevant. Link popularity doesn’t hinge on your view of the site. It depends on how other websites look at yours. Make it your goal to build a website for your freight forwarding business that receives links from other sites too. Your site increases in popularity when linked to other websites that are not only relevant but also quality and authoritative. The result of this is a higher organic ranking.

Coding and Architecture

A freight forwarding business must abide by the set laws. Otherwise, local authorities (including the government) will not allow it to operate. Your freight forwarding company will not be eligible for the best natural placement if it doesn’t meet specific conditions. Some of the elements of coding and architecture your website needs to rank well are: optimized meta tags optimized title tags optimized image tags Now that you understand the basics, the next task is to get Google to rank your website No. 1. First, it pays to invest in on-page optimization. In fact, it’s impossible for your site to rank high if you keep ignoring on-page optimization. Nonetheless, on-page optimization can only produce stunning results when combined with:

Website Accessibility

The freight forwarding site must be accessible to humans and Google. In fact, search engines must be able to see and read all content you publish on the website. Hiding content is a bad practice that will eventually come back to haunt you. Using robots.txt files incorrectly is prohibited for an online business that seeks to rank high on freight forwarder search. Any barrier you use to prevent search engines from crawling through all parts of your website affects good ranking.

On-Page Optimization

Today, search engines are smarter than ever before. Nevertheless, their smartness has not negated the importance of good on-page optimization. On-page optimization is crucial for determining the relevance of specific web pages to particular keywords and key phrases. On-page optimization encourages the correct use of keywords at the right places. Anchor text links, URLs and title tags are all important for on-page optimization. Without them, your freight forwarding web pages may not perform as well as they should.


Ignoring the importance of usability is unwise. Although it's important to good ranking, it beggars belief how overlooked usability is as one of the elements of optimization. Good overall experience is the objective of usability. A site that gives users good experience will receive many links. Secondly, a site with a good overall user experience attracts many positive mentions socially. Apart from this, such a site has an excellent record of converting visitors into sales and leads. Imagine the effect this could have on your freight forwarding search results and ranking.

Effective Marketing

Effective marketing is vital to the success of your freight forwarding business. You can’t rely on the great content you created alone. Great content is just as effective as the greatness of your marketing campaigns. Effective marketing focuses on ensuring that your website receives all the attention and exposure it needs. Today, one can’t do much while ignoring the role social media marketing plays in creating and enhancing brand awareness.

Content is one of the most important things to succeed


The right content helps you to build relevance and trust. People visiting your freight forwarder website should be able to get relevant information they can trust. The results they get should be relevant to the queries they asked or searched for on Google. Failure to invest in quality content would lead to bad user experience. The endgame would be your business losing one more customer. Eventually, this would have such an adverse effect on your business financially. The dwindling customer base would cause your business to collapse. Freight Forwarder Directory. Content key of Google top index

Quality Content

All the content and information that you publish on your website must be relevant and unique. Most importantly, the content must be of the highest quality. Today, Google ranks websites with viral content high. The search engine does this because viral content increases conversion rates. Quality content is vital for search engine optimization. Quality content gives readers a better understanding of your message. It also lowers bounce rates and builds more trust. It attracts more positive attention on social media too. Without quality content, higher conversions and better rankings will only be a pipedream.

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